Nova 600 MA SV
Nova 600 MA SV 

Nova 600 MA SV

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Manufacture     : Dab

Store Part No    : MPS1002

Model No           : NA

Submersible pump for water features, drainage of clean water, suitable for domestic applications such as collection from wells, small floods of cellars and in gardening.


  • Max water Output: 16000 Litres/Hour
  • Comes with Auto stop float. 
  • All components are in rust-proof techno polymer
  • Built-in thermal and current overload protection
  • Minimum suction height from 7 mm
  • Compact dimensions


  • No rusting over time
  • The built-in thermal and current overload protection protects the pump in the event of malfunctions
  • Collection possible even with very low water levels
  • Compact and rugged construction


  • Product resistance and durability
  • Maximum adaptability to all domestic requirements
  • Usable also in very small well



Model                 - DAB Nova 600 MA SV

Volts                   -220-240

Max                     -kW .55

Max volume       -16000 litres p/h

Min suction        - depth 175mm

Max waste size -25mm

Max head           -10m

Cable length      -10m

Float -yes

We are available NoVA-180,200,300,600

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