EC and resistivity meter

 EC and resistivity meter
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Specification: Bench top EC and resistivity meter.pdf


The HI 2316 Bench-Top EC and Resistivity Meter is a combination bench meter that can measure conductivity in four different ranges and resistivity for testing. The HI 2316 replaces HI 216 and features a larger, easy to read LCD, solution holders and an attractive redesigned case.

The HI 2316 utilizes a platinum four ring probe with a built-in temperature sensor that automatically compensates for temperature variations. The temperature coefficient can be adjusted from 0 to 2.5% by also using a knob on the front panel.

For resistivity measurements, the meter is factory calibrated and if necessary, calibration can be adjusted. It also features a built-in temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation and the temperature coefficient is user selectable from 2 to 7%.

Please refer to Data Sheet for more details

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